Re-installing hoarding at 1 The Esplanade

This week, June 13 – 17, work is progressing on re-installing the hoarding on the embankment at 1 The Esplanade. Once complete, guide wall work is scheduled to begin the of June 20th. Drilling for caisson installation is scheduled to begin the following week, June 27th, in preparation for the initial work to construct the L Tower’s underground parking. More details on this work will be posted later this week.

This photograph of the hoarding work was provided by the Dominus Construction team

Drilling for shoring/caisson system expected to commence in 2 weeks

Metrolinx continues to work relocating fibre-optic cabling along the top of the 1 The Esplanade construction site on the railway embankment. Once this is completed it is expected that Domnius Construction will begin drilling for the shoring/caisson system in 2 weeks. The shoring/caisson system will reinforce the site to permit excavation prior to the construction of the foundation and the underground parking spaces for the L Tower.

Metrolinx moving cables on the railway embankment at 1 The Esplanade.


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