Backstage – 1 The Espalande – Thursday March 1, Crane Removal

This is an update for Thursday, March 1 2012 for construction activity at the Backstage condominium at 1 The Esplanade.

Thursday, March 1

  • Sub-contractor, Deep Foundation will have a float arriving at 8:00 am to remove the crawler crane from the construction site. The float will be leaving the site at 9:00 am under police escort. There will be unavoidable short-term disruptions to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during this process, in order to ensure the safety of the construction crew, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Update for Friday October 7 and Saturday October 8

This is an update for 1 The Esplanade for Friday, October 7:

Sub-contractor Deep Foundation will be floating out the drill rig from The Esplanade gate. The float will arrive under police escort between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Once loaded the float will leave under police escort.

During these hours there will be significant impact on pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The construction management team apologizes in advance for any temporary inconvenience. All efforts will be made to ensure the operation is carried out as efficiently and safely as possible.

This is an update for 8 The Esplanade for Saturday October 8:

Dominus and Sub-contractor, Premform will work from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm on the L Tower site.

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