Recap on Dec 5 Long Reach Back-hoe delivery

UPDATE: The Long Reach Back-hoe that was scheduled to arrive Wednesday, December 5, under police escort between 6:20 am and 7:00 am. It actually arrived at 5:30 am as the City of Toronto permit stipulated that the semi-trailer float (truck) had to be out of the downtown core prior to 6:00 am. Unfortunately we did not receive accurate information on the timing of the delivery.

On December 4 we were advised by subcontractor GFL Excavating that the back-hoe was coming early in the morning, instead of the originally and preferred plan to deliver it at midday. GFL could not get a permit for midday because City of Toronto staff considered the impact on daytime traffic would be too onerous. The permit was issued for 5 am to 6 am delivery and GFL was instructed by the City and the Police to have their large delivery truck off the site an out of the downtown by 6:00 am.

In this case the regulations for large deliveries trumped the regulations for construction noise; the regulating bodies determined that the traffic regulations trumped the standard construction noise regulations.  

Please click here for a revised Backstage – 1 The Esplanade construction schedule.

Please click here for a revised Backstage – 1 The Esplanade construction schedule.

Drill Rig Delivery & Off-loading – July 15

Friday, July 15, sub-contractor Deep Foundation will be delivering a drill rig to the 1 The Esplanade site. It will be floated in at The Esplanade Gate just immediately west of Scott Street.

This float will arrive between 9:30 am and 11:30 am via Scott Street.

Unfortunately, pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be impacted when the float arrives and the drill rig is off-loaded. However, it is crtical ensure public safety while the drill rig is being delivered and off-loaded. The float will be escorted by Toronto Police Service vehicles.

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