L Tower photos from Cityzen’s http://blog.mycondomylife.com/

L Tower construction photos and comments from
Cityzen’s http://blog.mycondomylife.com/

“Daniel Libeskind’s building is elevating, accelerating and propelling forward steadily.
At L Tower, we’re pouring level 35 this week. Our crew is on a four-day cycle,
so a floor is being carried out every four days. Of course, it helps that the weather has been pleasant.”

“L Tower’s low-rise elevator door frames will be completed this week and will virtually wrap up by the end of next week. The cabs are currently being set up on the mid-rise elevators, and we’re putting finishing touches to them this week. Sooner than later, the high-rise elevator construction work will start soon.”

L Tower at 23 floors and counting

Photos from January 9, 2012 of the Daniel Libeskind designed L Tower, from Castlepoint, Cityzen and Fernbrook Homes located at 8 The Esplanade – 23 floors and counting:

L Tower looking west from The Esplanade, 1/9/12


L Tower at 23 floors, 1/9/12


L Tower looking up & NE, 23 stories and rising, 1/9/12


L Tower looking east from Platform 1, Union Station Train Shed, 1/9/12

Drilling and “breaking” for Backstage

These pictures show site work today–1/9/12–at 1 The Esplanade, preparing the way for the Backstage Condominium from Castlepoint, Cityzen and Fernbrook Homes. The site will also house the underground parking for the adjacent L Tower. The work this week is focused on drilling caissons and “breaking” parts of the railway bridge structure that will be replaced by the Backstage podium. During construction work there are also some temporary holds on eastbound traffic but with every effort made to minimize delays.

Between Backstage and L Tower, temporarily holding traffic on The Esplanade, 1/9/12

"Breaking" a section of railway bridge with a pneumatic hammer, 1 The Esplanade, 1/9/12

Drilling at the Backstage construction site, 1 The Esplanade, 1/9/12

Backstage construction site looking west, 1 The Esplanade, 1/9/12

A "found" metal "flower" at the Backstage construction site, 1 The Esplanade, 1/9/12

Backstage construction site, looking east, 1 The Esplanade, 1/9/12

Bulk Excavation and Removal at 1 The Esplanade

GFL Truck entering The Esplanade from Yonge Street

Paid-Duty Officer halting traffic after GFL Truck enters The Esplanade from Yonge Street

GFL Truck reversing into the site at 1 The Esplanade

Loading the truck with excavated soil from 1 The Esplanade

Loading a GFL truck with excavated soil at 1 The Esplanade

Fully loaded GFL Truck departing eastbound from 1 The Esplanade

“Archival” L Tower Construction Photos

To see some good photographs of the L Tower site from last year–2010–please follow this link to the Cityzen Development blog: http://blog.mycondomylife.com/cityzen-developments/2010/08/l-tower-construction-site-photos.html

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