Backstage Construction Update – December 18, 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, December 18, 2017 

Our best wishes for the Holiday Season.

This is our last full post for 2017. We expect to provide a concluding update just prior to the New Year. 

The Esplanade on a cold December day, with sidewalk work halted due to weather.

Exterior Work – At Grade

Work on the sidewalk is nearing completion along the south side of The Esplanade but recent cold weather has slowed its progress. This week crews, with the expected milder temperatures, work crews will resume work. It is hoped that the sidewalk pavers can be completed to The Esplanade as soon as possible. Work on the front entranceway to Backstage may take longer, given the uncertainties of the weather.

Weather permitting, work will aim to finish the sidewalk to Yonge Street this week.

The completed concrete section of the sidewalk at Backstage.

Interior Work – Future Path & Public Exhibit Space

Work on the interior of the future PATH connection and Public Exhibit Space has made signiifcant progress in the first half of this month. Insulation has been installed. Drywall work is well advanced in the PATH and underway in the future Public Exhibit Space. The stairway to the ground floor public lobby area has been installed. Concrete will be poured into the steps in the coming weeks. Lighting fixtures will also begin to be installed in the next few weeks. An elevator has already been installed that will serve the PATH and Public Exhibit Space, which is expected to open in 2018. 

The interior section of the future PATH as insulation and drywall work comes closer to completion.

The interior of the future PATH showing the south wall with completed insulation.

Stepping up to the future Public Exhibit Space and PATH.

We will back just before the New Year with a wrap-up posting. Have a safe and happy Holiday Season.




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