Backstage Construction Update – November 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, November, 2017 

NOTE: We will be posting major construction updates monthly, with other updates as developments warrant.

The outdoor amenity area plantings at Backstage.

Exterior Work – Podium Deck

Landscaping and plantings are substantially complete, with some remaining work remaining on northwest corner of the outdoor amenity area. Barbecue fixtures will also be installed in the coming weeks. 

Tree and garden landscape elements on the outdoor amenity at Backstage.

The finished lap pool on the outdoor amenity level at Backstage.

Exterior Work – At Grade

Work on the first section of the sidewalk has been completed. Work is now underway to excavate the area where trees will be planted and granite pavers installed, mirroring the north side of The Esplanade along the frontage of  the L Tower. The temporary pavers leading to the main entrance to Backstage will also be replaced by granite pavers and concrete, once the work along the south side of The Esplanade is completed. 

Ongoing work at grade to prepare for tree planting and the installation of granite pavers.

Excavating in advance of tree planting and the installation of granite pavers.

The temporary paving stones at the Backstage front door will be replaced with granite pavers.

Interior Work – Future Path & Public Exhibit Space

Work on the interior of the future PATH connection and Public Exhibit Space is making steady progress. Most of the insulation and wall studs have been installed; drywall work will follow. The stairwell that will connect the main floor of the public lobby to the PATH and Public Exhibit Space is also under construction. An elevator will also serve the PATH. 

Work ongoing on the future PATH on the 2nd level of the podium at Backstage.

We will be continue to provide construction updates while exterior work remains to be completed. Please check back here at for regular updates.

And we will leave this month’s update with another view of the outdoor amenity space:

Looking north west across the outdoor amenity space at Backstage.



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