Backstage Construction Update – September 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, September, 2017 

NOTE: We will be posting major construction updates monthly, with other updates as developments warrant.

Completed balconies and porcelain tiles on the east face of Backstage.

Exterior Work – Podium Deck

Tiling on the outdoor pool is complete. Pool lighting fixtures have been installed. The first section of hard surface (concrete) has been completed on the podium deck. The second section is scheduled to be completed by the end of September. Landscaping and plantings will occupy the remaining portions of the outdoor amenity area. Stucco work on the eastern exterior of the podium deck has also been completed.

Completed concrete and pool tiling on the outdoor amenity space at Backstage.

Concrete surface finished on the eastern section of the outdoor amenity space at Backstage.

Looking west along the south side of the podium deck at Backstage.

Exterior Work – At Grade

At grade waterproofing has been completed near the The Esplanade and Yonge Street. Concrete has been poured by the front entrance to the lobby. Further work on the adjacent sidewalk area will commence in the coming weeks. We will provide an update when information becomes available. 

Concrete poured at the front entrance to Backstage.

Exterior Work – Future Path connection

The future PATH connection will provide access to Union Station via the Yonge Street Railway Bridge. For the time being the bridge area has been cleared and is not in use as a construction staging area. Restoration of the bridge railing and concrete has been completed where it meets Backstage. The west face of the tower has been finished where it meets the bridge. A knockout panel has been installed where the future PATH connection will connect at the second floor of the building.

Restored railing and concrete on the Yonge Street Railway Bridge.

Finished exterior of the tower facing the Yonge Street Railway Bridge and future PATH.

We will be continue to provide construction updates while exterior work remains to be completed. Please check back here at for regular updates.

And we will leave this month’s update with another view of the completed east face of the tower:

East face of the tower at Backstage.



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