Backstage Construction Update – July 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, July, 2017 

NOTE: We will be posting major construction updates monthly, with other updates as developments warrant.

Exterior Work – Podium Deck

The podium deck concrete pour is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25. Concrete will be pumped from street level on the east side of the podium, adjacent to the Green P parking entrance.  Paid Duty Police Officers will be on site to assist with traffic and pedestrian movement. It is expected that the concrete work will begin at approximately 8 am and be completed by or before 7 pm. 

Approximate location of concrete truck and pump for the podium deck concrete pour.

Podium deck area to poured with concrete from a pump which will run up from street level.

The concrete will be poured on the surface of the podium deck around the pool and the wooden forming that demarcates the areas where there will be plantings. Landscaping work, including the installation of plantings will begin in the coming weeks.

Podium deck at Backstage-soil & plantings will be placed within the wooden forms, the rest of the deck will poured with concrete.

Work on the infinity pool is almost completed. Balconies on the east face of the tower are being completed as is the final section of porcelain tiling.

Tiled infinity lap pool at Backstage.

Completed balconies and porcelain tiling on the east face of the tower.

Exterior Work – Railway Bridge

The Yonge Street railway bridge is being restored where it connects with Backstage. This bridge will provide a future PATH connection to Union Station, connecting to the 2nd floor public exhibit space and internal PATH area in the building.

Restoration work in progress on the Yonge Street railway bridge.

Restoration work on Yonge Street railway bridge (underside).

Exterior Work – Railway Bridge

The concrete wall at the base of the west face of the tower will be stuccoed. As well the east facing wall on the eastern face of the podium. 

West facing wall from the Yonge St. Railway Bridge that will be finished with stucco.

Interior Work 

All the amenity areas has been completed and inspected. Work is progressing on the future public exhibit space and interior (future) PATH on the 2nd floor, with insulation installed on the ceiling areas, sprinkler systems and drywall being installed.

Drywall underway in the future 2nd floor public exhibit space and PATH.

Sprinkler systems, insulation and drywall under way in the future PATH on the 2nd floor of Backstage.

We will be continue to provide construction updates while work remains to be completed through the remainder of the summer. Please check back here at for regular updates.

And we will leave this month’s update with another view of the Backstage and the L Tower from the Yonge Street Railway Bridge and future PATH connection to Union Station:

Backstage SW face of the tower, looking up from the Yonge Street railway bridge



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