Backstage Construction Update – May 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, May 2017 – Update

NOTE: We will be posting major construction updates monthly, with other updates as developments warrant.

Swimming pool at Backstage on the podium deck amenity space

Exterior Work

The external hoist that was used to install the porcelain tile on the west side of the tower is being removed. A mobile crane is being used to left sections down to a flatbed trailer. The crane parks on the south side of The Esplanade just east of Yonge and a paid duty police officer is on-site to monitor and ensure traffic and pedestrian safety. It is expected that this work will be completed by May 29 or 30, weather permitting.

Mobile crane setting up to remove a section of the external hoist.

The installation of the porcelain tile is continuing above the 20th floor on the east side of the tower. Installation of the tile for the pool on the podium’s outdoor amenity area is mostly complete. Landscapers have started to form the bulkheads for the concrete which will surround the tree mounds on the podium. The podium deck railing has been completed.

Forming bulkheads for the areas for tree planting on the Backstage podium deck

Construction management is continuing to work with their landscape contractor to plan and schedule the finishes for the podium deck. They are still working with the City of Toronto to finalize the landscape permit before proceeding on finishing the sidewalk and exterior at street level.

Interior Work 

Meeting room, interior amenity space at Backstage

The finishes in that area for the indoor whirlpool spa area will commence in the near future. Installation of mirrors in the amenity areas is ongoing. The furniture for the guest suites, administration office, bar lounge on the 6th floor has been delivered. The furniture for the party room and private dining area has also been delivered and put in place.

Finished and furnished interior amenity space at Backstage

We will be continue to provide construction updates while work remains to be completed through the remainder of the spring and summer. Please check back here at for regular updates.

And we will leave this month’s update with this – the view of the porcelain tile installation on the east face of the tower:

Installation of the porcelain tile on the east face of the tower reaching toward the upper floors

Installation of the porcelain tile on the east face of the tower reaching toward the upper floors



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