Backstage Construction Update – March 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, March 2017 – Update

NOTE: We will be posting major construction updates mid-month, with other updates as developments warrant.

The waterproofed outdoor lap pool at Backstage

Exterior Work

The return of winter weather conditions has affected all the exterior work at Backstage. However, we were able to take advantage of favourable conditions to complete completed the aluminum work between the windows and limestone on the lower levels on the north and east face of the building.

Railings and glass panels have been installed on the north side of the podium deck. Higher railings with noise dampening glass are in the process of being installed on the east and south sides of the podium deck.

The water proofing and testing on the outdoor pool were completed successfully. Construction management is now awaiting delivery of the tile from Italy. None of the porcelain tile on the east fins is being installed because of the extreme cold temperatures.

Construction management is in the process of planning with their landscape contractor, the schedule for finishes on the podium deck. They are also still waiting on the landscape permit from the City of Toronto before proceeding on finishing the sidewalk and exterior at street level.

Glass & railings installed on the north side of the Backstage podium deck

Higher railings on the east and south side of the podium will be completed with strong, noise dampening glass

Storm Water Tank

Prior to proceeding with any street level finishing and sidewalk work, the underground stormwater runoff tank had to be be completed. The work is now done and we took a peak inside.

Looking down into the stormwater tank from the sidewalk at Yonge & The Esplanade

Inside the completed stormwater tank (1 of 2)

Inside the completed stormwater tank (2 of 2)


Interior Work 

During the last phase of occupancy the building department passed the men’s and women’s steam rooms, the Screen Theatre room, the Bar Lounge, Party room Kitchen, Private dining area and Party room. With the exception of the steam rooms, we are awaiting furniture for the other remaining areas (first week of April) before they  can be used by the residents.

The last unfinished suite at Backstage, soon to be completed.

Completed bar in the 6th floor amenity space at Backstage

The freshly waterproofed hot tub just inside from the pool at Backstage.

We will be continue to provide construction updates while work remains to be completed through the remainder of the winter and spring. Please check back here at for regular updates.

The east face of Backstage, porcelain tile installation will resume as the weather warms up

And we will leave this month’s update with this – the western view from the 36th floor: 

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