Backstage Construction Update – January 2017 update

This is a construction update for Backstage Condominium, 1 The Esplanade, January 2017 – Update


Backstage east tower face showing porcelain tile cladding in progress.

Interior work has been underway at Backstage since the holiday season break with a continuing focus on finishing the amenity areas and the few remaining suites in the podium level. Most of the building’s suites are finished and the majority of these are occupied. While exterior work remains to be done over the coming weeks, Backstage is already a lived in and well on its way to becoming a vibrant addition to the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood. 


Backstage front entrance showing the remaining concrete work to be completed at-grade.

Exterior work remains to be done around the podium level at-grade. Work such as pouring concrete is weather dependent and will be completed when conditions permit.

On the podium deck the outdoor pool remains enclosed by tenting as work continues to seal and tile the pool in the coming weeks. Similarly, the completion of the porcelain tiling on the east towers “fins” will continue through the next month.


East wall of the Backstage podium showing remaining clean up work to be done at-grade.

We will be continue to provide construction updates while work remains to be completed through the remainder of the winter. Please check back here at for regular updates.


Elliptical machines installed in the Backstage gym.

Yonge & The Esplanade signalized intersection update

L Tower  8 The Esplanade – Signalized Intersection Update for Yonge & The Esplanade 

As residents and passerby have noticed, the new traffic lights have been installed for the new signalized intersection at Yonge and The Esplanade. This was one of the public realm deliverables of the L Tower development. It was supported by the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIADeputy Mayor McConnell, City Councillor for Ward 28 and the developers, Castlepoint Numa, Cityzen, and Fernbrook Homes.  Under Deputy Mayor McConnel’s leadership the installation and funding of the intersection was taken on by the City of Toronto.

While the poles lights are installed, the intersection won’t “go live” yet. It usually takes a month or so, weather permitting, after the hardware is installed before the traffic lights are tested and become active. We expect an update from the Deputy Mayor’s office shortly and will post and circulate the information once we have it. 

Check back here at for updates.


Traffic light for the new signalized intersection at Yonge and The Esplanade


Northbound traffic light for the new signalized intersection at Yonge and The Esplanade



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