L Tower update June 11 – 17

L Tower construction information 8 The Esplanade – L Tower –  June 11 – 17

Work on the L tower is now focussed on installing windows where the support struts for the crane connected to the tower and at street level; as well as cleaning up the street level in preparation for streetscaping work to begin.  Check back here at ltowerconstructioninfo.com for regular updates. 

L Tower monochrome

L Tower monochrome

  • Windows will be installed in the areas where the strut supports for the crane had been attached to the building. 
  • Sidewalk work will follow once all exterior tower work is completed.
  • The maintenance platform on the top floor will be completed in the coming weeks.
  • The NW plaza at the Sony Centre will continue to worked on and is set to open later this year. 
St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood seen from the L Tower

St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood seen from the L Tower

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