L Tower August 8 – 14 2015

8 The Esplanade – L Tower Saturday, August 8 – 14, 2015.

We take a look back four years just to show the contrast of the L Tower site from a few floors above grade then to its full height today.

Interior work on suite finishes continues; as do regular move-ins of new residents.The Yonge Street Esplanade sidewalks are substantially complete. The Tower Crane remains up through summer. We look forward to work on the Sony Centre west plaza getting underway in the fall. Just a reminder that work on Scott Street is part of the City of Toronto’s work to enhance the wast and north sides of the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. 

L Tower 2011 - 2015

L Tower 2011 – 2015

How it looked in 2011: 


L Tower seen from the Backstage construction site in 2011 

How it looks now:  

L Tower & Backstage from the Gardiner Expressway

L Tower & Backstage from the Gardiner Expressway 2015

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