L Tower Update December 13 – 19

8 The Esplanade – L Tower Saturday, December 13 – Friday, December 19

  • Interior work continues on multiple floors.
  • Move-ins are ongoing through the Yonge Street entrance.
  • Sidewalk work on Yonge Street is ongoing, weather permitting and should be completed within the coming weeks. Sidewalk work at the entrance to the L Tower at the corner of Yonge is also progressing. More easterly sidewalk work on the north side The Esplanade, on the south edge of the Sony Centre, will not proceed until the tower crane is disassembled and removed. 
L Tower, Backstage & 25 The Esplanade

L Tower, Backstage & 25 The Esplanade

Click on the link for a downloadable PDF Construction Summary: Backstage & L Tower Construction Summary-Dec 13-19-2014

NOTE: We’ll be providing ongoing updates and approximate timelines on the crane, and more on The Esplanade sidewalk build out in the coming weeks. 

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