Backstage crane to be raised 4 storeys today, August 27


Following today’s concrete slab pour but prior to the completion of concrete finishing, subcontractor Italform will be raising the large crane 4 storeys . This is scheduled to occur between 3:30 pm and 8:00 pm. 

Today’s concrete pour schedule – as previously posted.

  • 15th Floor slab concrete pour #2, by subcontractor Italform, scheduled to begin at 1o:30 am.
  • An after-slab concrete pour for 9th floor walls and columns, 45 metres of concrete, to begin following the main slab pour.
  • Concrete Finishing until to 10:30 pm.

Thursday and Friday schedules for Backstage & L Tower remain as currently posted on this site.

  • Looking up to see the crane at Backstage.

    Looking up to see the crane at Backstage.

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