Road Closure and L Tower Hoist Removal – August 9 & 10

Please note that The Esplanade will be closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10 (if required), between Yonge Street and Scott Street, to permit the removal of the remaining sections of the Hoist (external elevator) using the Large Tower Crane.

Key Points:

  • The work is scheduled for the weekend to minimize traffic impact and permit the safe removal of the remaining sections of the hoist. 
  • The Large Tower Crane will be used in this operation.
  • Work will need to commence as early as 9:00 am on Saturday.
  • If necessary work will continue on Sunday from 9:00 am until it is complete. 
  • Large Crane work is exempted from the standard construction hours as set out in the City of Toronto’s Construction Noise By-Law.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained as much as possible in respect to public safety.
  • Pedestrians may be temporarily asked to stop when large hoist elements are being lifted down by the crane. 
  • The road will be re-opened on Sunday as early as possible once the work is completed. 
  • A copy of the road closure permit is provided here — please click on the link to right to view: Permit 64359303


L Tower Hoist and Crane August 7, 2014

L Tower Hoist and Crane August 7, 2014

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