Update on this past weekend’s L Tower work & apology

Please note that we were advised by the Construction Managers, as we posted and circulated, that the full hoist (external) removal and accompanying road closure was to be rescheduled (again) to early August. This information remains accurate. 

However, we are aware that on Saturday, July 26, unexpected complications in a critical upper floor window installation unexpectedly required the removal of the upper two sections of the hoist (external elevator). 
We apologize that we were not advised of this last minute alteration to the work schedule. So we were not able to provide the usual advance notice of this work.
As this constituted “Large Crane Work” it is exempted from the City of Toronto’s Construction Noise By-Law standard work hours. 
We are working with our clients and the Construction Management Team to ensure such an inadvertent communication failure does not occur again and we apologize for any inadvertent confusion, inconvenience or disturbance this work may have caused. 
L Tower and tower crane as seen from Commerce Court

L Tower and tower crane as seen from Commerce Court



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