Tuesday Morning Deliveries, August 20

This is an update for the construction schedule for 1 The Esplanade – L Tower parking and Backstage condominium for  August 20, 2013

Updated August 20

Tuesday Morning Deliveries, August 20

On behalf of the site management team at Backstage, please accept our apologies if you were bothered by any significant truck noise earlier this morning, prior to 7:00 am. The subcontractors have been explicitly told not to arrive at the site prior to 7:00 am. Drivers who may arrive just before 7:00 am have been instructed to hold and wait till 7:00 am before making any delivery to the site. Many thanks for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: ltowerconstructioninfo@enconsulting.ca.


2 Responses to Tuesday Morning Deliveries, August 20

  1. Jerome Thompsen says:

    Re occupation dates, what is your current projection?

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