Sanitary Sewer & Water Main UPDATE

November 29 UPDATE – Sanitary Sewer & Water Main work on The Esplanade 

The City of Toronto’s subcontractor — OJCR Construction — has made the connection with the Sanitary Sewer and should complete this part of the work by this Friday, November 30. Then the connection of the water mains will take place next week with an anticipated completion date of Wednesday, December 5. The work on the storm sewer connection across Yonge Street should start on Thursday, December 6.

Toronto Water has advised us that in order to complete the work the City’s contractor — OJCR Construction — will require vehicular traffic closure on The Esplanade between Yonge Street and Scott Street. Traffic will be re-opened at the end of each work day. They will maintain pedestrian traffic through area at all times.

  1. Pedestrian traffic will remain open. 
  2. Eastbound Vehicular Traffic will be closed during work hours. 

If you have further questions please contact: 

Joseph Sinopoli
Toronto Water
416-338-6526 Office

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