Backstage Update for December 1

This is a construction update for 1 The Esplanade – L Tower parking and Backstage condominium  for December 1, 2012

Updated November 29

The “Long Reach” Backhoe delivery that was scheduled to arrive at 1 The Esplanade under police escort midday Friday November 30 (below) – has been cancelled because subcontractor GFL Excavation was not able to schedule the police escort until Saturday. 

CANCELLED – The Long Reach will arrive on Saturday, December 1.

The semi-trailer float will travel south bound down Yonge Street in the north bound lanes. The Long Reach Backhoe will then be off-loaded and parked in the Backstage site at the North West corner of The Esplanade and Yonge Street. 

Vehicular and Pedestrian traffic will experience delays and interruptions during this delivery. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. 

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