Daytime Road Closures September 18 – 21

Please note a serious transportation and delivery issue has prevented the steel delivery today September 18. This may impact the road closure. We will update this information as soon as we can.  


There will be daytime road closures of The Esplanade between Scott and Yonge streets September 18 – 21. These are required to ensure public safety during the unloading and installation of the stainless steel tunnel lining. Each lining section must be completed within the same day that it is delivered in order to ensure that it is properly installed and sealed.

The construction management team apologizes for the inconvenience. If possible the road closures will be opened prior to 6 pm if the daily work has been completed. 

More detailed information will be posted on Monday, September 17.

Please click here for the current daily schedule for the Backstage and L Tower parking construction site. 

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