Road Closure Week 1 Recap – July 16 – 20

The past week the construction team has been preparing the key slot for the tunnel boring machine. This requires digging out the area at the base of the current caisson wall and preparing the “hole” that the tunnel boring machine will enter through the caisson wall and bore out the tunnel that will connect to the L Tower. The road closure is required to ensure the safe operations on site and public safety, during the preparation for tunnel boring and during the tunnel boring process itself.

As was noted at the recent public information meeting, a sanitary sewer passes east – west under The Esplanade. Originally it was proposed to the City of Toronto that the construction team would add an additional lining, Insituform, to the sewer, at no cost to the City, to further reduce any risk of leaks. The city process for approval of was prohibitively onerous and lengthy. So the decision was subsequently made to line the L Tower tunnel with stainless steel. This will add extra protection against any possibility of leaks into the tunnel. This additional protective measure required some changes to the elevation and angle of the tunnel and therefore additional on-site preparation work.

Please click here for the L Tower Schedule for July 21 – 27

Please click here for the Backstage Schedule for July 21 – 27 

The Shuttle Bus Service has seen increasing use each day with approximately 30 people using it on Wednesday and Thursday. Please note that it runs 7 days per week from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, every 12 – 15 minutes. However, traffic conditions, particularly on Bay Street, can slow the service.

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