L Tower Construction Update June 8

Wednesday, June 8th Update

  • Today, Wednesday June 8, a concrete pour of walls and columns on L Tower level 5 is scheduled to proceed from approximately 1 pm and is expected to wrap up by about 4 pm. Please note that there may be some complications on site which may delay the completion of the pour and may cause work to continue  past 7 pm tonight.

Revisions for Next Week:

As of today, June 9, the work schedule has been revised to and the anticipated concrete pour Monday June 13 has been rescheduled for Wednesday June 15. 

As of today’s construction update there are no concrete pours scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Wednesday June 15 Notice

The L Tower  Level 6 slab is now scheduled to be poured one Wednesday June 15 and it is anticipated working will go past 7:00 pm.

A note on concrete pours:

In relation to any concrete pour, after the trucks that have delivered the concrete leave, the construction crews must finish the freshly poured slab.  This process involves the concrete finishers waiting until the concrete hardens enough (1-3 hours sometimes more, depending on ambient temperature) to allow the finishing machines on top of the slab to provide a smooth level concrete surface.  If this were not done the concrete would harden creating a deficient structural component, jeopardizing the integrity of tower construction.

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