Recent Construction Photos L Tower

The Esplanade looking west to Yonge Street 4/12/11

South side of The Esplanade construction fence view to railway 4/12/11.

Yonge & The Esplanade L Tower construction gate 4/12/11.

L Tower Crane 4/12/11.

Embankment construction – future site of Backstage condominium and underground parking for the L Tower and Backstage 4/12/11.

Crane on the embankment L Tower/Backstage construction (looking east) 4/12/11.

L Tower construction and site of future Sony Centre Plaza (looking south) 4/12/11.

L Tower / Sony Centre plaza construction (looking north) 4/12/11.

L Tower construction site (looking south to Yonge Street bridge) 4/12/11.

Future Sony Centre rehearsal hall beneath the plaza level 4/12/11.

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